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We understand that our customers really don’t want to see us!  So we place a special emphasis on efficient service and superior quality workmanship.  Exceeding customer expectation is our primary goal and we do all we can to make that happen!


ICBC Accredited Collision Repairs and Valet Services.

Pinetree is ICBC accredited for all autobody and auto glass repair jobs, including Glass Express and Express Repair claims.

Pre-authorized for fast work on small claims.

Our working relationship with ICBC means we are pre-authorized to estimate and repair vehicles with claims under $1,500. That means if your claim is small, you won’t have to wait while ICBC approves it — we’ll get straight to work repairing your vehicle.

Full-service frame and body repairs.

From fender benders to major collision repair, we’ll get it fixed.

Auto glass repair and replacement.

Our auto glass specialists can repair or replace your windshield, mirrors, lights, and other auto glass items.  We often get asked if ICBC still covers rock chip repairs, they will no longer pay for them.  Private insurance companys do still pay so if you are insured with CDI or Family Insurance you are covered, if you are insured with ICBC we will charge you $40.00 + tax per chip.

Professional painting.

Match your original colours or get a custom paint job that turns heads – it’s your choice.  In one hour, our booth bakes paint to a better, longer-lasting finish than you’ll get with regular curing that can take days.

Courtesy cars.

Our fleet of 7 courtesy cars, 2 trucks and 3 SUV’s  keeps you on the road while your vehicle is in the shop.

Environmentally friendly paint.

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We’re among the first shops to replace solvent-based colour coat paints with eco-friendly water-based paint. It looks great, lasts just as long, and it’s better for the environment.






When you bring your vehicle to Pinetree Autobody, it’s always parked inside the building or in our secure compound overnight.  We provide storage of all vehicles for safety and protection.  And we’re happy to assist you in making arrangements for a rental car or take you wherever you need to go!

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Why Choose Pinetree for your Autobody Repairs and Painting?

  • ICBC accredited collision repairs
  • Pre-authorized for fast work on small claims
  • Full-service frame and body repairs
  • Auto glass repair and replacement
  • Professional painting
  • A fleet of great courtesy cars
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Fast, friendly service